Three Winners Dominate the TiO® Ninja Time Trials at CEDIA EXPO

Three Winners Dominate the TiO® Ninja Time Trials at CEDIA EXPO

Average system programming time for first-timers is 10-12 minutes

MELBOURNE, Fla. – October 22, 2015 – Anuva Automation, the Florida-based manufacturer of TiO® (Turn it On) brand automation products, is pleased to announce Jerry Pullman of E4 Control Systems in Los Angeles, California; Steve Nackers of Sub-Zero Group Inc. in Madison, Wisconsin; and Cory Welsh of Automation Ease in Calgary, Canada as the three Ninja Time Trials winners from CEDIA EXPO.

TiO presented CEDIA EXPO attendees with the opportunity to take the TiO system for a spin at the Ninja Time Trials to learn just how simple the system is to configure. At the Ninja Time Trials, attendees raced against the clock to design a live TiO system while capturing Moods and Experiences (TiO’s version of preset scenes). Each day, one hour before the show floor closed, the top finalists from the day would compete side-by-side with the winner taking home a free TiO system as a grand prize, valued over $5,100.00 USD. Each of the three winners were able to configure an entire TiO system, including Moods and Experiences, in under ten minutes.

“I was thrilled to win my own TiO system from the Ninja Time Trials. It really was easy to program after very basic instructions,” said Jerry Pullman of E4 Control Systems and Thursday’s winner of Ninja Time Trails. “I had never configured a TiO system before CEDIA EXPO and I wasn’t very familiar with the product before stopping by the booth. After competing, I saw how easy the TiO is to setup and use. I can’t wait to show off my new system!”

The TiO programming tasks used in the Ninja Time Trials represented a typical room in a home with lighting, music and security. The task of the Ninja was to configure the system from scratch, capture four scenes that included lighting, music and security, create an action group to control multiple lights simultaneously and assign music functions to buttons on a light switch. The average time for the contestants competing in the Ninja Time Trials was ten to twelve minutes and many of the competitors had never seen a TiO system before. During the course of the show, the Ninja Time Trial times became progressively faster with the grand champion from the weekend, Cory Welsh, setting a TiO Ninja Time Trial record of 4:13. The Ninja Time Trials proved the TiO system is quick and easy for anyone to configure.

“The Ninja Time Trials were pretty exciting to watch. Dealers who did not win one day would come back and compete the next day,” said Vinu Patel, CEO of Anuva Automation and TiO. “I suspect some of the competitors visited the TiO Training Dojo during the show for tips. We saw programming times start at around eleven minutes and by the end of the show those times were well under five minutes.”

The TiO interface was designed with a “keep it simple” approach in mind, making the system easy to configure and fun to use. Users are able to make the TiO system fit to their needs and create Moods and Experiences customized to their lifestyle. The TiO Training Dojo provides tips and techniques for integrators and can be accessed at

For more information about TiO home automation products or becoming a dealer, visit Follow TiO on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest news on TiO products and information.

About TiO®

TiO, the automation brand that lets users Turn it On with ease, provides “Sophisticated Simplicity” through their unique approach to automation and control systems. Manufactured by Anuva Automation, TiO products are made in the USA and sold exclusively through authorized installing dealers. TiO is engineered to provide flexibility, ease of installation and configuration, and scalability that accommodates a variety of residential and commercial applications. The Anuva family of companies started in 2008 and specialize in design to completion. For more information, visit or

About Anuva

Anuva is a “Design to Distribution” family of businesses founded by CEO Vinu Patel and headquartered in Melbourne, Florida. Anuva takes on the increasingly challenging world of electronics by battling time and cost pressures with innovative thinking, technical expertise and decades of industry experience. Anuva prides itself on providing comprehensive services including domestic electronic engineering, design, manufacturing, repair and logistics. Anuva is a US-owned and operated company with a mission to provide a total solution for our clients and employ domestically while making a global contribution. In August 2014 Anuva Automation announced the acquisition of the TiO brand of building automation products. Anuva Automation, through a partnership with AS 9100-certified Anuva Manufacturing in Melbourne, Fla., will be building all of the TiO products in the USA. The talented engineering team at Anuva Innovations, in Morrisville, NC, is led by President Sanjay Patel, and develops hardware, software and technology for TiO. Anuva Innovations is ISO 13485 certified.
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