Rosewater Energy Group Expands the Residential Energy Management Hub Product Line

Rosewater Energy Group Expands the Residential Energy Management Hub Product Line

Energy storage system now offers four models and a choice of  nano-carbon or lithium-ion batteries to meet power output and storage needs

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – May 21, 2015 – Rosewater Energy Group, a provider of next-generation energy management and integration products, has expanded their product line to four models. The 10kW and 20kW Hubs with nano-carbon battery technology are currently available. The 10kW and 20kW lithium-ion battery Hub models will be available later this year.

“The newly engineered two-cabinet Residential Energy Management Hub with nano-carbon battery technology allows our customers to have a highly reliable power supply with faster recharge times while eliminating many of the battery ‘memory’ issue commonly found in other types of batteries,” said Joe Piccirilli, managing director for Rosewater Energy Group. “The lithium-ion based Hubs, scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter, are appropriate for customers who need longer battery cycle life.”

The Residential Energy Management Hubs serve as the central management and integration point for renewable, grid produced and stored energy. Through its zero transfer time UPS, the Hub can seamlessly transition from one energy source to the other. The Hub also conditions all power inputs assuring that the output of the Hub is pure clean uninterrupted power in any situation. No surges, no sags, no worries.

The system is easily configured through an iPad-based Energy Router™ that is included with the Hub (located in the cabinet shown on the left), allowing the simple integration of on-board UPS monitoring functions: solar energy production and usage, utility smart grid interface requirements and other features.

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About RoseWater Energy Group
RoseWater Energy Group creates innovative energy management systems for governments, utilities, industries, and residential consumers. Focused on the mission to create the next generation of renewable smart grid systems leveraging the best battery storage technologies, RoseWater works with their clients to design, build, integrate and manage power system assets specific to their needs. The manufacturer’s pioneering energy management applications include the Residential Energy Management Hub, the first and only power management product to be featured within a micro-grid in the head office of a major Canadian utility company. For more details visit

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