New Torn Ranch Website Improves Customer Experience

New Torn Ranch Website Improves Customer Experience

Torn Ranch, a manufacturer and purveyor of gourmet specialty foods, has launched a new website to give visitors, including consumers and retailers, an enhanced browsing experience as well as live e-commerce shopping for the company’s full line of all-natural snacks and gourmet chocolates.

Torn Ranch Website

The new website showcases significant improvements from the previous version in both design and functionality, featuring product image browsing tools that show increased high-resolution detail for practical product comparison as well as a user-friendly menu organization system for categorizing items and product lines by collection, interest, occasion or season. Coupled with a live shopping cart and product recommendation feature, the new elements are designed to make learning about and shopping for the popular confections more straightforward and simple for customers and fans.


“Torn Ranch is excited to debut this new and improved website which provides better access and more convenient ordering options,” said Robert Dalson, national sales manager for Torn Ranch. “By reliably automating processes that used to be staff-driven and creating a system that gives each customer access to the gourmet foods that they love, we are making efforts to improve customer satisfaction and help keep them connected to the one-of-a-kind treats that make Torn Ranch special.”


By employing a new e-commerce system, the website is now integrated with a robust platform that improves searching, product comparison and the payment process. The company intends to make use of the platform to add new products as quickly as they can be developed. Social media sharing features will make it convenient for customers to recommend popular products to their favorite networks without having to navigate away from the page.


In 2012, Torn Ranch has debuted Café Time—a new line of delicious coffee infused goods—and Pome Frais all-natural pectin fruit gels, both of which are featured prominently in the new website’s home page imagery. The autumn debut of the site also coincides with the recent re-launch of the famous Mashuga Nuts sweet and nutty snack varieties as well as promotions featuring a wide variety of Torn Ranch gift basket arrangements for the winter holiday season.


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About Torn Ranch

Torn Ranch provides a wide range of all-natural snacks, as well as certified organic chocolates. The Company bakes, roasts and creates its artisanal items upon order, providing maximum freshness to customers. For over 30 years, Torn Ranch has focused on using only the best ingredients and combining its products with innovative packaging, including eco-friendly packaging options. Torn Ranch is an established leader in both the wholesale foodservice and gourmet food retail sectors. Torn Ranch is a certified MBE (Minority owned business) and WBE (Women owned business).


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Scott Moody, Director of Public Relations


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Tel: 954-925-1511





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