New Marketing Matters Website Launches

New Marketing Matters Website Launches

Marketing Matters is proud to announce the launch of our newly designed agency website at As we celebrate more than 16 years in business, our team has worked together to develop this new corporate website which makes use of recently updated branding and the latest search engine optimization standards.

As communications professionals, we frequently hear feedback from our clients that they prefer working with an integrated marketing and public relations firm due to the benefits of communicating their strategies to one dedicated team that can help them strategize and recommend solutions across a broad spectrum of options. The principle that drives that preference is finely tuned organization. Similar to the performance of a symphony orchestra, whose members don’t excel by playing louder than their partners, harmony is key for any team that works together.

When Marketing Matters designs a new website, public relations helps to define messaging and integrate social media effectively, marketing helps to create cohesive branding, SEO and calls to action and design/development teams make all of the visual elements look great and operate seamlessly. The launch of this new site is meaningful to our team because we all enjoy working well together to achieve that harmony. It also gives us an opportunity to share our expertise with each other as well as our clients.

In the past decade, we have seen the trend among business websites change from updating every 5-6 years to now updating at a minimum of every 2-3 years to keep up with changes in the way websites are used and found. That update can be anything from changing content as applicable, “re-skinning” the site by updating the design templates and color schemes or performing a full redesign. As an agency, it is also important to us to take advantage of the improving feature sets in website content management systems like Joomla and WordPress so we can effectively communicate the benefits to our clients. Take a look at our new website and let us know what you think.


Eric Lachs is the Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Marketing Matters (, a communications and design firm specializing in technology, consumer and custom electronics, audio-video and related industries.

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