Growth is Good

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We’re pleased to announce the addition of two new family members into the Marketing Matters fold – Office Manager Jean Mazza and PR Account Executive Franzannie Guiteau. The extra help will further expand the capabilities of Marketing Matters in servicing our clients, and allow a larger pipeline for new and existing campaigns.

Jean brings over 20 years experience in operations to the agency. A skilled team leader and communicator, she specializes in client and vendor relations, organization, process management and productivity improvement.

Franzannie specializes in developing strategic story ideas and media relations, serving as the day-to-day contact for clients. She is responsible for creating press releases, blog posts, cases studies, individual and corporate profiles, social media campaigns and special events that produce tangible results.

Pictured (from left to right): Franzannie Guiteau, Jean Mazza, Mayra Rojas, Coleen Sterns Leith with Lily Leith, Kyle Glass, Eric Lachs with Violette Leith, Scott Moody and Aneva Matthews

As we look forward to another holiday season, and into a new year, we’re excited for the growth and wish to thank our current and past clients for making it happen. Thank you, and have a happy holiday!

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