Is Your E-Commerce Site Bringing in the Bacon?

Is Your E-Commerce Site Bringing in the Bacon?

We have several clients that have consumer direct sales on their websites. Some perform better than others. The difference?  Using key website add-on tools.

One of our favorite tools is Springbot. It’s a fairly inexpensive (about $150/month) and does an amazing job at providing measurements from your digital marketing. It will look at email marketing, PPC campaigns, retargeted ads, and promotion codes then measure online sales from each of these sources. In addition, it provides the ability to make sales directly from Facebook and Instagram. Springbot also manages triggered emails for abandoned carts. It will email a visitor to remind them to complete their order. If that message is unsuccessful, it follows up with another email and discount code for purchasing. The caveat – it only works with Magento or Shopify e-commerce engines right now. Woo-Commerce is said to be in the pipeline.

Bazaar Voice ‘Curations’ tools give you an easy way to aggregate and syndicate your digital reviews from social media, Google, and authorized retailer sites directly to your product sales page or your retailer’s online product pages. It also has the capability to send an email to customers who purchase online asking for a product review with a discount code for their next purchase if the review is completed. They recently publish a study showing that one review increases sales 30% while three or more reviews will increase sales 80% – reviews are powerful tools!

The Bazaar Voice ‘Questions & Answers’ tool is an easy way to answer a customer question once and have those Q&A’s appear on your product sales pages.  This greatly reduces the need for customer service personnel to repeatedly answer those questions that are asked regularly.

Google Shopping setup is another critical tool to have in place before starting PPC or retargeted ad campaigns.  Once your site is verified for Shopping, it will raise rankings in online searches.

Serious SEO (search engine optimization) is also critical to a successful e-commerce based digital marketing plan. Used in conjunction with PPC, ad retargeting, and the tools mentioned above, our team helped a customer grow from $8,000/month in sales to $60,000/month in less than a year. It was a sizeable investment for them that paid off well.

As with any digital marketing tools, it’s important to continuously test, measure, and adjust your campaigns based on their performance. With consistent best practices in place, you will see sales grow and the bacon sizzle.

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