Clare Controls Launches ClareHome Virtual Training Program

Clare Controls Launches ClareHome Virtual Training Program

Clare Controls, a provider of configurable and intuitive automated systems for residential and commercial applications, has launched the ClareHome Virtual Training program, an interactive online training program that provides attendees with an experience that mirrors the traditional classroom setting.


The ClareHome Virtual Training program was designed to specifically train dealers how to effectively and most efficiently configure and deploy a complete project—from start to finish—using ClareHome, the first home automation system managed from the cloud and run on a Mac.


“We understand the difficulty dealers face when it comes to attending live product training,” said Brett Price, CEO and founder of Clare Controls. “Not only is it time-consuming, but it’s costly since it takes dealers away from the office and jobsite. With that understanding, we designed the ClareHome Virtual Training as easy-to-access online resource that provides dealers with all of the same benefits as off-site training.


“In just two sessions of the ClareHome Virtual Training program—which can be accessed with any web-enabled computer—dealers will have a complete understanding on how to configure and deploy a ClareHome system,” Price added.


Once enrolled, students’ desktops are configured to provide them with complete remote access to one of the advanced, yet easy-to-use training pods. Each ClareHome Virtual Training pod includes all of the equipment required to configure a complete home project, including:


  • ClareHome Mac mini controller
  • ClareVision IP cameras and encoders
  • Lutron lighting system
  • GE NX-8 security system
  • Lutron HVAC
  • Multi-zone audio, with Streams, MR-8, RE-1 and BR-1
  • Complete entertainment system
  • Simulated pool controller


Prior to beginning the session, Clare Controls provides each trainee with a network diagram of the training system, including the IP addresses of all the subsystems and a sample floor plan that illustrates which subsystems are deployed to which areas/rooms within the virtual “house”.  After a brief online presentation from a live instructor, the instructor provides an outline of the training and project and then the trainee is given a predetermined time to complete the accompanying exercises. Trainees then configure devices and create services that are assigned to specific areas/room in the virtual home. The projects are deployed on a module-by-module basis using iPad UI simulators to test and control the various subsystem as they are deployed.


The instructor, always present, is able to observe each trainee’s progress and has the ability to provide assistance if a trainee runs into difficulty.


Offered bi-weekly, the program consists of two 4.5-hour sessions (one per day), held on consecutive days.


Class availability and online registration are provided on the Clare Controls website at


About Clare Controls
Clare Controls is a provider of solutions that streamline the integration, maintenance and monitoring of sophisticated home automation systems. Clare products are deployed locally in customer sites and administered remotely via cloud-based technologies that maximize dealer efficiency while providing unprecedented customer control. For more information, visit

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