My Top 10 Rules of Twitter Etiquette

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By @ColeenL from @MMattersPR I believe we all have an obligation to give back. That’s why I’m involved with both the CEDIA Professional Services Action Team and CEA’s Home Audio Division Board. When helping these organizations, naturally I migrate to the marketing and promotional tasks. It’s no surprise that both groups are using social media […]

Project Spotlight: Leisure Creations Furniture Product Catalog

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Last year Leisure Creations Furniture approached Marketing Matters to improve the design of its 48-page product catalog. Leisure Creations felt its previous catalogs didn’t communicate the quality and design capabilities of its high-grade commercial pool and patio furniture. We worked with Leisure Creations to create great images of its furniture line, develop compelling and concise […]

Kevin Costner, Underwear and a Smooth Road

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In 1997 Kevin Costner starred in The Postman. If you’re not familiar, it was set in a post-apocalyptic America where Costner stumbles onto a USPS uniform wherin he begins an elaborate con game that ends up rebuilding  America. During the flick, Costner has to lie and say that he’s been in touch with the (non-existent) […]

Basics of Advertising in the Consumer Electronic Industry

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At Marketing Matters, we believe it’s very important for a company to have a mix of different tactics within a communication strategy. No one tool can provide every solution. One very important segment of any company’s communication mix should be advertising. Admittedly, some advertising can seem very costly, but if you pick the right audience […]

Generating Sales Leads in the Custom Installation Industry

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By Kyle E. Glass In this industry (as in most industries), it’s all about being profitable. One of the biggest parts of making money is finding the right person to sell it to. Generating sales leads is an on-going process, and at times can be a bit frustrating if you’re not marketing your business right. […]

CE Pro: 4 Easy Ways to Increase Holiday Sales

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I recently had the opportunity to contribute to CE Pro, a leading trade publication for the custom electronics industry, to offer distributors, resellers and retailers a few tips on how to take advantage of possible sales opportunities this season. The holiday season is the perfect time for integrators to connect with clients, both existing and […]

Tips on How to Launch a New Product

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This is always an exciting time of year here at Marketing Matters. Our team is amping up for CEDIA Expo 2010, the industry’s largest custom electronics trade show. Catalogs, booth design, email blasts, promo goods, ads, shipping and receiving, press releases, etc.—you name it, we’re doing it. (Special props to Kyle Glass, our Public Relations/Marketing […]

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