5 Quick Tips to Presenting Effective Webinars

5 Quick Tips to Presenting Effective Webinars

Webinars are a practical method of delivering training and/or education to relevant audiences – not to mention a great way to generate leads. Recently, we’ve been helping our clients develop strategies to utilize webinars as part of their marketing tool kit. To help your business dive into the world of webinars, consider these tips:

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1)      Remember there are two separate definitions of success for a webinar. You want the obvious sales lead and almost equally important is the need to impress your audience with your knowledge on the subject. Your audience wants to walk away having learned practical take-aways. Being a Subject Matter Expert, thereby building trust, is the most crucial element to a successful webinar. Trust sells more than a sales pitch. Most people that catch one iota of a sales pitch will be turned off by the presentation.

2)      Break your subject into smaller parts that are relevant to different audiences in the buying process. One topic could be an overview of the benefits of the product or service.  Another webinar may focus on implementation details while a third webinar in a series may address troubleshooting or finer details with said product or service.  This type of strategy allows your audience to become intimately familiar with your product/service while preparing your audience with the tools to be successful with it.

3)      Build a landing page or use a separate section of your website for the registration. Direct your social media, e-blasts, and other promotions here. Make it easy to register: Name, Email, Company, Title. This is not the place to build your entire information database.  Also, make sure to include social sharing options and a one click option for adding to a calendar.

4)      Promoting several different ways is optimal. It ultimately depends on your audience, but social media and via email are, in most cases, the best for you if just starting out. When sending via email, don’t spam, and typically 3-4 emails are sufficient. Keep in mind that:

  1. Again, depending on the audience, this can change, but typically around 65% of those who register do so the week of the event, about 20% do so the day of, 15% the day before, 25% the week before, and 35% seven-plus days before. So promotions should be seven-plus days, the week before, and the day of.
  2. Most people register for a webinar on Tuesday, followed by Wednesday. This corresponds with the days most people respond to email blasts, probably not a coincidence.
  3. Attendance is typically higher if the webinar is on Tuesday.

5)      Please practice, plan and troubleshoot your webinar prior to the presentation. Bad audio is a turnoff. Background noise and interruptions like someone barging in are annoying. Also, keep to your time allotment and leave time for questions. It doesn’t hurt to have some questions prepped in the event none are asked.  Record the session for review and improvement or possible future use.

Webinars are such a big part of the business world that I’ll bet most of you has hosted your own, and most everyone has attended a few. What do you have to add?

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